“Fueling North Carolina’s Future”

The North Carolina Petroleum & Convenience Marketers


Fuel, food and convenience, providing life’s essentials to North Carolina.  That’s our tagline and describes simply and effectively what our members do.

 The North Carolina Petroleum & Convenience Marketers (NCPCM) members are all local, community-based businesses. We are the convenience stores and petroleum marketers providing the daily necessities to maintain our quality of life. From gas and coffee to produce and foodstuffs, to heating oil, propane, gasoline/diesel, oils and lubricants for heavy industry, we keep North Carolina running. And, we’re open when you need us, offering service at your convenience.

NCPCM originally started out as a loosely affiliated group of petroleum marketing companies ( jobbers) in 1925 operating as the North Carolina Independent Oil Jobbers Association.  There was no formal charter until the group finally secured a charter from the North Carolina Secretary of State’s office on January 21, 1927.  James Flanagan from Statesville was the first President.  From those humble beginnings the organization grew.  In 1941 the name of the organization changed to the NC Oil Jobbers Association, Inc.  Then in 1985, as the term jobber grew dated, the name again changed to the NC Petroleum Marketers Association.  The biggest change occurred in 2008 when a successful merger of the NC Convenience Store Association and the NC Petroleum Marketers Association occurred.  This new organization (NCPCM) is the organization that we know today.  

NCPCM members understand the vital role they play. If our stores aren’t open, our customers and the communities in which we are located suffer. Imagine the hassle of pulling into your local super convenience store for gas, lunch or a snack and finding them closed. Similarly, if our petroleum industry businesses are unable to provide the fuel and lubricants for their manufacturing and farm clients, businesses would grind to a halt.

Our member businesses are intrinsically linked to our citizenry’s quality of life and we take that seriously.

Because NCPCM members are so closely tied to the communities in which they are located, we believe it is our responsibility to help out and give back where we can. You have likely seen our members’ corporate names emblazoned on the backs of little league and other athletic team jerseys. We support local charities, churches, and non-profit organizations through in-kind and financial decisions.

Also, the NCPCM scholarship program, which provides multiple $500 to $2,000 scholarships to member employees and their children, has awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars in assistance to students since the program’s inception.  

Our member industries are constantly evolving to meet the needs of today’s customer. It used to be that convenience stores sold, primarily, gas and ice. That certainly has changed to the point that gas has become a commodity item and the products sold in the store have become the main draw. It is now common to find restaurant chains inside our stores as well as a more robust offering of products people want.

NCPCM as a trade association, is also evolving to provide the services our members need to be competitive over the long haul. Our Association works to:

  • Promote cooperation between the industries through the pursuit of their common interests and goals;
  • Increase awareness of federal, state and local laws and regulations governing the industries;
  • Lobby for the passage of laws and regulations favorable to the industries;
  • Sponsor and promote conventions and trade shows featuring the industries, and prove education and resources to the members;
  • Create and maintain higher standards for, and police trade abuses within, the industries;
  • Increase public awareness of industry issues and improve relations between the public and the industries;
  • Facilitate the industry’s involvement in community and philanthropic efforts.

Due to increasing regulation by state and federal agencies, NCPCM has become a trusted expert with the executive, legislative and administrative branches of state government. We are familiar faces in the halls of the Capitol and work with our members to make sure they are being treated fairly.

With more than 200 marketer/c-store members representing approximately 50,000 employees and more than 3,000 retail outlets around the state, NCPCM continues to expand our influence. That expansion is a positive reflection of how our members treat their customers and the critically important role they play in everyone’s lives. We are neighbors serving neighbors and will continue to fuel North Carolina’s future.