What's So Important About Joining NCPCM

Strength in Numbers
NCPCM Members have a strong voice in Raleigh - full-time lobbying during the legislature and constant monitoring of various state agency rules and regulations (proposals, etc.). Through the Executive Director and Attorney, the Association represents the interest of marketer members, constantly promoting favorable legislation or agency rules and opposing detrimental lawmaking.

Action or involvement recently: underground tank regulations, aboveground tank regulations, collection system for excise taxes on motor fuels, below cost selling, tax changes, motor fuel tax increases, gasoline and oil inspection rules, insurance regulations and requirements, air quality funding from excise taxes, vapor recovery requirements, etc.

A Voice In Washington
Also, in coordination with Petroleum Marketers Association of American (PMAA), NCPCM and other affiliated state groups have interests protected in the Halls of Congress and among regulatory agencies. Such efforts have promoted jobbers or marketers’ interest in the original and revised Petroleum Marketing Practices Act, substantial input in the motor carrier safety regulations (insurance requirements), spill clean up and rules (hazardous waste, underground tanks, etc.), vapor recovery, cost effective clean air measures, etc.

NCPCM membership automatically includes membership in the Petroleum Marketers Association of America and a portion of NCPCM’s budget from dues is forwarded to PMAA for such affiliation.

Success Through Education
NCPCM has one of the leading educational programs of any trade group - the Annual Management Institute assembles experts from all over the nation for study and sharing of ideas. Additionally, special seminars and workshops are held on an ad hoc basis when new laws, rules and regulations demand them - such as Petroleum Marketing Practices Act, OSHA, EPA (spill plans, etc.), Wage & Hour, underground tank leaks and controls, price and allocation, security and inventory control, taxation policy, fire codes, etc.

At NCPCM conventions, there is great exchange of ideas and new technology.

A Wealth of Support
Today’s marketer must be well informed and NCPCM is proud of its regular NCPCM Argus as well as other special mailings. Often an issue of urgency arises that requires special mailings, and timing is essential. NCPCM is proud of its endeavors to keep members informed on all laws, rules, legislative and legal requirements, etc. The association also monitors proposed regulations that could ruin a marketer’s viability. Many members say that information communicated by NCPCM has often given them ideas or advance notice of trends in order to cope and succeed.

At conventions, there is a special attention to business features and programs to enable the marketer to grow or compete in today’s rapidly changing clime.

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